Disaster hits Masilonyana



On the night of Wednesday, 31 January 2018, torrential storms swept across Masilonyana Local Municipality, leaving a trail of disaster. The affected towns were Winburg/Makeleketla, Brandfort/Majwemasweu and Theunissen/Masilo, with Theunissen/Masilo being the hardest hit.

In Theunissen, trees were uprooted; some roads damaged, electrical poles broken and most overhead powerlines were also damaged thereby affecting electricity and water supply, IT networks, sewer, refuse removal and traffic.

There were five (5) cases of injuries but not severe, which were reported and these included two (2) minor children (3 year old and 4 year old) and one (1) pensioner (75 year old).  Two cows were also electrocuted in a nearby farm and chicken pen and pig sty buildings destroyed as well.

Approximately 450 houses including public places such as churches, old age homes and day care centres were affected across all 3 towns.







2494 Maqhekung (Old Age Home) – Roofing and wall


2512 Lusaka – Shack damage


Church near Thuta Gauta Funeral Palour