About Us


The name is Sesotho, derived from the name of the mountain in the area called “Masilonyana”


To be an integrated, developmental and viable Municipality


  • The Municipality is committed to delivering this vision through:
  • Integrating its systems and resources
  • Providing services in a sustainable manner
  • Attracting investors and facilitating Local Economic Development
  • Creating a safe and harmonious environment

Legislative Framework

The Masilonyana Municipality is a democratically elected Category B municipality, whose Council is comprised of elected ward Councillors (9) and proportional representation Councillors (11). The Municipality was established as provided for in section 12 of the Municipal Structures Act, No 117 of 1998, as amended and is a Collective Executive type.

The Masilonyana Municipality’s powers and functions are:

  • Cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria
  • Child care facilities
  • Cleansing
  • Control of public nuisance
  • Municipal planning
  • Municipal public works
  • Municipal public transport
  • Local tourism
  • Refuse and solid waste
  • Storm water management
  • Sport facilities
  • Street lighting
  • Trading Regulations
  • Traffic


  • To develop a capable and sound municipal administration
  • To create a financially viable and sustainable municipality
  • To improve and accelerate service delivery
  • To promote Local Economic Development and create sustainable jobs
  • To promote Good Government and effective Public Participation