Winburg District Hospital 


History of Winburg District Hospital

With the Department of Health adopting a Primary Health Care approach as a vehicle for District Health Care Services, Winburg District Hospital was established in 1998 for Winburg catchment area.Winburg District Hospital previously known as Provincial Hospital Winburg, has 055 approved beds. The facility has modern equipment for service delivery at its level of care and is staffed with appropriately qualified and committed personnel. This hospital is governed by a Hospital Board appointed by the MEC of Health.

Services provided

  • General Ward 
  • Childrens Ward 
  • Casualty 
  • Theatre 
  • Maternity Ward 
  • X-Ray 
  • Pharmacy

Please bring the following:

UIF Certificate or affidavit from the police station, The service is free for the following people:

  • Pensioners please bring proof of receiving pension i.e pension card or proof from the bank 
  • Pregnant women and children under the age of 6 years
  • Disabled – please bring proof of disability/ doctors certificate

Visiting Hours: Monday- Sunday

10H00 – 10H15

15H00 – 16H00

19H00 – 20H00

Contact details

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