Profile of the Mayor

Noncizi-MochanaCllr. Noncizi Mochana

Cllr. Noncizi Mochana was born on 10 August 1982 in Masilo/ Theunissen where she grew up and attended school. She matriculated from Taiwe Senior Secondary School in 2000 and in 2015 obtained her N6 in Human Resources Management.

She is a single parent with 1 biological daughter and six adopted children.  She started politics in 1997 and later became an SRC member at Taiwe Senior Secondary School. In 2001 she joined the ANCYL and later became an additional member of the BEC. In 2005 she was elected the Branch chairperson of the ANCYL and a Ward Committee member respectively. In 2006 she was elected as the deputy chairperson of the ANC in Lusaka Branch.

In 2011 she became a member of the Lejweleputswa ANCYL Regional Executive Committee and served as both RWC and Regional Task Team member.

Mochana was deployed by the ANC in August 2016 to be Mayor of Masilonyana Local Municipality taking up the position as the first female Mayor of the Municipality and the youngest female Mayor in the country after a long period of service by Stephen Koalane. All in all she showed her mettle in any political leadership roles.

On her leisure time, Mayor Mochana prefers to spend her time watching current affairs news. As a former Youth Development Officer, Mochana joined politics with hunger and love to serve the people for them to enjoy the fruits of democracy and freedom that we live in today…

Her mind is set on ensuring that the lives of the people of Masilonyana Local Municipality are better than they were before through local economic development and excellent service provision. The focus of her term of administration is on infrastructure development that is geared towards economic development and reduction of unemployment amongst key pillars. The road seems clearer for Mochana to prosper and lead the municipality to be a better place for all its residents.