Koalane Launches and Publishes his Programme of Action

Masilonyana Communications: Mayor of Masilonyana Local Municipality, Cllr.
Steven Koalane, published and kick-started his Programme of Action (POA). The
POA which focuses on outlining the implementation plan is a combination of local
approaches of ThumaMina Service Delivery Campaign and Operation Hlasela.
The programme kick-started with the Municipality holding a successful two day
Strategic Planning Session on the 25
th to 26th June 2018, in Winburg and was
followed by the issuing of Title Deeds on the 11
th July 2018, in Theunissen and
Winburg. The programme for issuing of Title Deeds is an ongoing programme and as
the programme of action is rolled out, the Municipality will continue distributing them.
The Strategic Planning Session gave Council and Management an opportunity to
reflect and develop a turnaround strategy to mitigate the declining revenue and
reduce the increasing rate of litigations.
It was resolved that the Municipality needed to adopt an approach which will
effectively maximize its limited resources to enhance service delivery.
This Mayoral Programme of Action will be an ongoing programme of which in the
month of August and September 2018, will be targeting women and young women to
coincide with Women’s Month.
Attached below is the Programme of Action and the Municipal Turnaround Strategy
from the Strategic Planning Session.


ThumaMina Action Plan pdf



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